ivanka merkel lagarde maxima

Ivanka Trump discusses women’s rights with Europe’s most powerful women

Scattered groans and hisses were heard as the 'First Daughter' described her father as "a tremendous champion of supporting families."
Johan cruyff Arena

Ajax renames its stadium after Johan Cruyff

Cruyff, who passed away more than a year ago, played a crucial role in the formation of the Dutch club's glory years in the seventies.
macron france juncker

Commission President Juncker advices France Macron

Even during the Brexit referendum campaign last year, the Commission kept a low profile, realizing that any perception of meddling would be punished by anti-EU media in Britain.
federica mogherini moscow

“Europe will not recognize Crimea’s annexation as re-unification”

The European Union does not recognize the annexation in Crimea and hopes for the full implementation of the Minsk Agreements,

Le Pen faces off against Macron for French presidency

The top two winners on Sunday will advance to a May 7 runoff.
eu east africa trade deal

UN warns East Africa against signing trade deal with the EU

The EU-EAC EPA promises duty-and-quota free access to EU markets for East African goods in exchange for a gradual opening up of the region's markets to European products.
us eu trade deal

Trump realizes that Europe is a bigger trading partner than Britain

Britain will not be free to agree new trade deals until it has left the EU in 2019.

Giro d’Italia champion Michele Scarponi lived and died on his bike

Scarponi, who completed the Tour of the Alps on Friday, after winning a stage and finishing fourth overall, is survived by his wife and two children.
bvb bomb suspect

Borussia Dortmund bomb suspect wanted to `profit on stocks`

Prosecutors last week expressed doubts about the authenticity of three letters left at the site of the attack that suggested that Islamist militants had carried it out.


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JASTA bill threatens souvereign immunity worldwide

Instilling this fear in governments (and in corporations that have any government connections) could also cause a fall in direct foreign investment around the world and provoke a downward spiral of the world economy.

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Global bank lobby wants Britain in EU capital markets union

While leaving out the continent's biggest financial center may have once seemed implausible, not all of the mainly-German delegates at the conference were convinced that its exclusion would impact the project's success.

Two bombs have exploded in the Thai resort of Hua Hin

There are reports that those injured include foreign tourists.

MEPs want EU-wide health and safety rules

According to a study by the European Parliament’s EPRS research department, a number of substances present in food contact materials have not been assessed, in particular for impurities in the finished material and/or possible chemical reactions with it.

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