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Did Theresa May’s words reassure EU citizens in Britain?

Many details have not yet been worked out and further negotiations are expected.

Can Europeans learn to live with terror attacks?

The steady stream of attacks on centers of daily life have drawn pledges from Europeans not to let terrorists change how they live, but in ways large and small they already have.

EU 27 to decide future of London-based agencies

EU leaders have agreed that the post-Brexit locations of key bank and medical agencies currently based in London would be decided by November.

Dutch journalists set free after a week in captivity

Two Dutch journalists have been freed unharmed after being held captive for almost a week by leftist rebels in Colombia.

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Is the world really a better place these days?

Devastating conflicts, violence and persecution in places like Syria and South Sudan had left a record 65.6 million people uprooted from their homes by the end of 2016.

Greens and Socialists meps call condemns anti-refugee policy

The leaders of the Greens and Socialists penned a joint letter to EU Council president Donald Tusk condemning the current strategy of trying to keep new migrants out.

‘Hakuna matata’ in the European Union?

EU officials do acknowledge that the agreements to be reached before Britain leaves in March 2019 can only be concluded as a whole package simultaneously.

Brexit talks to focus first on orderly exit

Talks on Britain leaving the European Union began Monday with both sides saying they will focus first on an orderly withdrawal.

Tensions rise after van ‘white terror’ attack on London Muslims

British media named the suspect as Darren Osborne, 47-year-old father of four who was living in Cardiff, Wales.

Armed driver smashes car into police van on the Champs-Élysées

France has been in a state of emergency since the Bataclan terror attacks in November 2015, in which 130 people were killed by ISIS supporters.

Russia warns US after Syrian warplane downed, cancels hotline

Moscow has only once before suspended the hotline, which was established in October 2015 to prevent conflict between the different forces operating in Syrian airspace.
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Senior US congressman shot in Washington

At least five people including a top Republican congressman were wounded in a Washington suburb.

EU leaders agree to back closer ties

European Union leaders meeting next week will agree to boost cooperation in the areas of security and defense and express support for global trade and the Paris agreement.

Mass anti-corruption rallies across Russia

Hundreds were arrested, including opposition leader and protest organizer Alexei Navalny, who was seized outside his Moscow residence while heading to the rally in the city center.

EU to launch new probe against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland

Poland and Hungary have refused to take in a single person under a plan agreed in 2015 to relocate 160,000 asylum-seekers.

Puerto Rico votes in favor of US statehood amid low turnout

The economically struggling US island territory of Puerto Rico voted overwhelmingly in favor of becoming the 51st state

Media in BRICS nations vow deeper cooperation

BRICS comprises five major developing countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Macron consolidates power in French parliament elections

The vote to elect the lower house's 577 members comes a month after Macron defied the odds to win the presidency of the eurozone's second-largest economy.

Ukraine celebrates first day of visa-free EU travel

Only those with biometric passports — containing a microchip with personal data, including fingerprints — can take advantage of the visa-free travel for the time being.

EU warns Israel against new settlement units

Earlier this week, an Israeli panel approved construction of approximately 1,800 new settlements in the West Bank.

Refugee shelter fire injures 37 in Bremen

Emergency services took 10 children and four adults to hospital after the blaze started around 00:30 am in the basement of the five-storey building in the northwestern city of Bremen.

EU chief threatens anti-refugee members states with sanctions

Eastern European countries including Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have flatly opposed an EU plan adopted in 2015.

Ukraine leader eager to join the EU and NATO

NATO has been informed of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada's decision to codify Kyiv's course toward entry into the alliance.

Donald Tusk questioned in Amber Gold Scam

European Council head Donald Tusk will be questioned again next spring by a special Polish parliamentary commission probing a notorious investment scam.

Protests against more austerity measures in Greece

Protesters outside Greece's parliament threw boxes of fish at police ahead of a vote that approved new austerity measures.

EU leaders turn up Brexit pressure

European Council President Donald Tusk has warned Theresa May there is “no time to lose” in the Brexit negotiations.