Angela Merkel running for a 4th term


German Chancellor Angela Merkel will run for a fourth term when her country holds elections next year, a senior politician in her party said on Tuesday.

“She will run for chancellor,” Norbert Roettgen of the Christian Democratic Union told CNN’s Fred Pleitgen, sitting in as host for CNN’s Christiane Amanpour’s program.

“She is absolutely determined, willing, and ready to contribute to strengthen the international liberal order. But we can’t see the chancellor or Germany as last man standing.”

Pleitgen had asked whether Merkel was willing and desirous of “holding the liberal order, in the trans-Atlantic area, together.”

“The Chancellor,” said Roettgen, “is a cornerstone of this political concept of the West as acting as a global player. So she will run, and she will act as a responsible leader.”

“But it would be impossible to rely only on one person. We need the West, and the West is indispensable.”

“And this of course means fundamentally and indispensably also the participation and contribution of the strongest part of the West, and this is the United States of America.”

Speaking after Donald Trump’s victory, Merkel laid out some ground rules, of sorts, for the incoming American leader.

“Germany and the United States,” she said, “are joined by common values — democracy, freedom, respect for the law and human dignity, regardless of skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political beliefs.

“Based on these values, I offer close cooperation to the future president of the United States of America, Donald Trump.”