Anonymous hackers attack Czech FM because of new gambling law


The Czech and the Slovakian divisions of the Anonymous hacker collective have attacked private companies owned by Andrej Babis, Czech Republic’s Finance Minister, motivating the attacks as a hacktivism campaign carried out because of the country’s intentions to introduce new online gambling laws, local news media reported.

Babis is the main politician behind a controversial law approved in the Czech Republic that allows the government to block unlicensed gambling websites across the country.

While the legislation targets rogue online gambling sites, the hacker collective has sounded the alarm in a YouTube video, claiming that the new laws are nothing more than a test run for future campaigns to block Internet sites across the country under shady new laws.

The operation called #OpBlokada has initially targeted with DDoS attacks companies owned by Babis, such as Agrofert, Hyza, Cepro, Preol, Penam, Uniles, and Wotan Forest.

The DDoS attacks took place on August 1, and were short-lived, just to prove a point. The group promised more attacks in the following days.

“Once you have created a state blacklist, it’s an easier way to create other blocklists,” says the group [translated] . “The Finance Ministry led by Andrej Babis now gets an almost unlimited authority to censor the internet.”

When the law was approved, the Czech government said it would help fight tax evasion in the country’s gambling industry.


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