refugee relocation

MEPs urge EU members to speed up refugee transfers from Italy...

Against the background of severe migration and refugee crises in the summer of 2015, the EU adopted two emergency decisions to relocate thousands of refugees.
eu support myanmar

EU strengthens humanitarian support for Myanmar

Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides has concluded his official visit to Myanmar, announcing new funding of €12 million for the country.

Anonymous warns for global war

Anonymous has warned that people should start preparing for a third World War as heightened tensions between the US and North Korea threaten to hit boiling point.

‘Leaked’ NSA hacking tool used in large scale international ransomware attack

Cyber attacks that hit 12 countries across Europe and Asia Friday, impacting the public health system in Britain, apparently involved a leaked hacking tool from the National Security Agency.
rugby world cup 2019

Rugby World Cup: France draws England and Argentina

The ninth Rugby World Cup takes place from Sept. 20 to Nov. 2, 2019.
trump climate deal

Donald Trump urged to honor global climate agreement

Many nations urged US President Donald Trump to remain in the global agreement to combat climate change, even if he reduces the ambition of US pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
mogherini florence

Mogherini calls US foreign policy “unpredictable”

Mogherini said that Europe could “occupy the space” that is being vacated by Washington.

MEPs oppose China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ project

MEP Ryszard Czarnecki cautioned European countries to not take at face value Chinese claims that the OBOR would result in a win-win situation for all partners.
Assassination attempt Kim Jong-un

Assassination attempt on North-Korean leader Kim Jong-un

North Korea on Friday accused the CIA and South Korea's intelligence service of a failed plot to assassinate its leader Kim Jong-un.
Dina Ali Lasloom

HRW launches social media campaign to save abducted Saudi woman

A Philippine airline loaded a duct-taped, apparently kidnapped woman onto one of its flights in the Philippines.



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