eu reaches out to iran

Europe reaches its hand out to Iran

Europe is ready to expand economic and energy cooperation with Iran and provide the country.

European Space Agency talks to China about moon outpost

Representatives of China and the European Space Agency are discussing potential collaboration on a human outpost on the moon.
European salamanders

‘Alien’ fungus threatens European salamanders

Europe's salamanders could be decimated by a flesh-eating alien species that has already wreaked havoc in some parts of the continent.
MOAB mini nukes

The “mother of all bombs” fades in comparison to US mini-nukes

In December, the Defense Science Board, submitted a report advising the Pentagon to invest in low-yield nuclear weapons that could provide “a rapid, tailored nuclear option for limited use.”
palestine poverty

EU donates to Palestine and invests in Israeli gas pipeline

Some 71,500 Palestinian families will have their social allowances covered by the funds.

Bulgaria doesn’t distance itself from European principles

The opposition Socialists, who had pledged to improve ties with Russia even if it meant upsetting EU partners, doubled their share of the vote.

European Union remains a pillar of globalization

There are many problems facing the EU, including populism, migration pressures and slow economic growth.

EU opposes peace deal giving Turks key freedoms in Cyprus

Nicos Anastasiades said all EU leaders consider it a "bad precedent" for Cyprus or any other country to breach bloc rules and grant such key freedoms to third-country citizens.

Kyrgyzstan authorities detain prominent opposition leader on fraud and corruption charges

Omurbek Tekebayev was arrested after arriving at the Central Asian country's main airport outside the capital Bishkek on a flight from Vienna.

Turkey referendum also important to Cyprus

Greek and Greek Cypriot officials accuse Turkey of obstructing the peace talks for the divided island because its demand to keep troops and military intervention rights after reunification.



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