Austria, France, Italy and Holland looking for a piece of €13B Apple pie

While Ireland may not want the €13B the EU says Apple owes in underpaid tax, it seems other European countries do. At least four countries have ‘expressed an interest’ in claiming their share at a summit of European finance ministers.

Austrian FM proposes obligatory 1 euro jobs for refugees

According to the proposal, refugees have to work between 15 and 30 hours a week and they can only get 1 euro an hour.

EU crackdown on Islamic symbols: Austria calls for ban on full Hijab

The heated debate about banning full Hijab in Austria comes against the backdrop of anti-refugee sentiments in the country as well as similar moves in other European states.

Mentally ill German stabs passengers on Austrian train

The attack came days after a 27-year-old Swiss national went on a knife rampage on a train in Switzerland, killing one passenger and injuring five.

Austria threatens to block Turkish EU talks

Talks on Turkish accession have made only slow progress since they began in 2005.

Austria’s presidential election rerun set for October 2nd

Austria set a new date Tuesday for the presidential election after the country’s high court ordered a rerun over irregularities reported in the May...

Court orders do-over of Austrian presidential election

Austria's Constitutional Court ruled on Friday that the presidential runoff election must be held again, , handing the Freedom Party's narrowly defeated candidate another...