Were neanderthals cannibals?

Deep in the caves of Goyet in Belgium researchers have found the grisly evidence that the Neanderthals did not just feast on horses or reindeer, but also on each other.

Guy Verhofstadt wants to be president of the European Parliament

The former Prime Minister of Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt is gathering international support for a bid to stand for the presidency of the European Parliament amid a simmering row between the two largest political groups that had previously shared the position as part of a 'grand coalition'.

Millions in dirty Russian money is used to influence EU decisions

Millions of euros of illicit Russian money which was laundered through Europe in a massive tax fraud scam could have been used to influence European Union politics.

Guy Verhofstadt: “Brexit could lead to violence”

The European Parliament's chief Brexit negotiator has warned that violence could return to Northern Ireland when Britain leaves the EU.

EU appoints new mission commander for training mission in Mali

Brigadier General Peter Devogelaere, a Belgian national, has been appointed as mission commander of the EU training mission in Mali.

Brussels Attacks ‘moneyman’ guilty as charged

A British man has been found guilty of paying "the man in the hat" who was seen on video footage moments before the fatal bombing in Brussels airport in March.

EU nations settle border conflict peacefully

The Netherlands and Belgium, with their royals in attendance, have signed a deal for a peaceful exchange of land between them for the mere fact that it makes sense to do so.

EU citizenship ‘on sale’ for 48 percent

Britons wanting to retain benefits of European Union membership after the country leaves could pay Brussels for individual citizenship, European Parliament's lead Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt told The Times on Saturday.

Verhofstadt wants the EU to be ‘more effective’

ALDE group leader Guy Verhofstadt has called on the EU, which is under pressure on different fronts including Brexit and the migration crisis, to "put its house in order."

“Euro will be replaced by a new currency in the next ten years”

The euro will no longer exist in its current form and will be replaced by a single currency shared by Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.



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