Bernie Ecclestone ‘impeached’ as leader of Formula 1


Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed he will not be running the Formula One circus next season! It remains to be seen what Liberty Media can bring to the table.

It was announced today that Bernie Ecclestone, 81-year-old dictator of Formula One, had been replaced by Liberty Media boss Chase Carey. Ecclestone told Auto Motor und Sport “I was replaced today. I’m now on the sidelines, it is official.” This news got many long and short term fans jumping in delight. With Ecclestone finally stepping away from the sport, the decreasing fan base could finally be enticed back to the sport.

More showmanship, more competition

As the American media complex Liberty Media take F1 over from the long overdue retiree Ecclestone, it is almost certain things are going to start moving inside the sport. Already last year Liberty Media’s boss Chase Carey stated he wanted more show to Formula One and now with free hands and basically a blank canvas everything is possible.

Liberty Media also announced earlier this month that they were going to change the way money is distributed to the teams, no doubt after the sad fate of Manor F1 going into administration. It is most likely that a more equal distribution of cash in the sport will bring more cars into the fight for the podium.

Ross Brawn will make a surprise return

More great news flooded to the ears of F1 fans as it was announced that Ross Brawn would return to Formula One as a Managing Director with the Liberty Media takeover. Brawn has been called back to the sport for years and now with Bernie stepping down the fire seems lit in Ross’ eyes to make Formula One the sport it once was.

There are new winds blowing in Formula One and to many of us they feel like a warm breeze bringing comfort and excitement.