MOAB mini nukes

The “mother of all bombs” fades in comparison to US mini-nukes

In December, the Defense Science Board, submitted a report advising the Pentagon to invest in low-yield nuclear weapons that could provide “a rapid, tailored nuclear option for limited use.”
emma morano

Italy says ciao to 117 year old Emma Morano

A woman in Jamaica, Violet Brown, who was born in that Caribbean island on March 10, 1900, is now considered the oldest known person in the world.
paris climate agreement human art

EU climate policies not in line with Paris Agreement

Despite all of the fanfare that went on at the time, it seems that there are currently only 3 European Union countries pursuing the agreed climate policies.
eu encrypted messaging application data

EU wants access to encrypted messaging application data

Options will range from voluntary cooperation to enacting laws to require messaging providers to open encryption backdoors to law enforcement authorities.
venezuela supreme court power grab

Venezuela Supreme Court gives power back to congress

Security forces violently repressed protests that broke out in Venezuela's capital Caracas.

EU condemns 600 detentions at Moscow anti-corruption rally

A Moscow court also jailed and fined government opposition leader Alexei Navalny after the anti-corruption demonstration in Moscow.

MEPs want all lobbyists to sign transparency register

The move follows rising concern about the recent activities of some Brussels-based lobbyists who are looking to influence legislation.

Turkey threatens to scrap migrant deal with EU

The deal has been praised for preventing a repeat of the surge of migrants seen into Europe in 2015 that fanned the popularity of the far-right.

Paulina Rubio wins EU Court case against Spanish gossip TV

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Paulina Rubio’s right to “respect for private and family life” were violated.

Scientists discover 60,000 year old life form trapped in crystal

They come from Hell, are tens of thousands of years old, and scientists have not seen anything quite like them before.



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