Team Europe stuns Sweden and will face Canada in World Cup final

Game 1 of the final is Tuesday night at the ACC, with Game 2 following on Thursday.

Schulz: A Trump victory could inspire imitators in the EU

The president of the European Parliament says he fears that a victory in the US presidential election for Donald Trump, whom he labels "apparently irresponsible," could boost what he calls "imitators" in Europe.

Denmark intends to acquire Panama papers data

Based on the sample it has seen, the tax agency estimates that the leak contains "relevant and valid information" on hundreds of Danish taxpayers.

EU urges Ukraine to boost gas stocks

During the previous cold heating season, running from late October 2015 to early April 2016, Ukraine consumed 16.4 billion cubic meters of gas, of which 8.62 were taken from the underground storages.

EU to extend sanctions against 146 Russians

Recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that there are no prerequisites for lifting sanctions.

Greenland shark longest-living vertebrate

Scientists have used radiocarbon dating techniques to determine that one type of North Atlantic shark has a life span of between 300 and 500 years.

Van Avermaet sprints to first EU gold, Fuglsang and Maika claim first silver and...

The first Olympic gold went to Virginia Thrasher of the United States in the 10m air pistol shooting discipline.

Danish police shamelessly seizes valuables from refugees

Danish police have seized valuables from refugees for the first time since a controversial law went into force five months ago. National police spokesman Per Fiig...

EU’s bank resolution plan questioned as Denmark joins doubters

As Italy argues with Germany over a plan to provide support to its struggling banks, the first country in the European Union to rule...