Baltics worried about Russian military presence and NATO’s future

Despite being worried about an increased Russian military presence, the Baltic nations are still congratulating America's new leader, Donald Trump.

Lithuanian President warns Europe for Russia’s military activity in the Baltics

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė said that Russia’s military activity in the Baltic Sea is a threat to not only the Baltic States.

€1.1m in support for laid off workers in Estonia

Estonia submitted an application for the funds on May 11 following a wave of layoffs in the petroleum and chemical sectors in the country's northeast.

European Union leaders lash out at Russia

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said it's important to keep up the sanctions pressure over Ukraine, particularly because of Russia's annexation of Crimea.

Russia moves nuclear missiles to Kaliningrad

The Iskander system is intended for the destruction of strategically important objects, such as airfields, ports, railroad junctions, military headquarters, and so on. From Kaliningrad, the range of the system reaches from southern Poland to central Finland.

Estonia elects EU accountant as first woman president

A mother of four and a grandmother, Kersti Kaljulaid will take over as the Baltic nation’s fifth president since independence in 1991.

Sweden is considering NATO membership

A government investigation into the consequences of a Swedish NATO membership has stirred up debate about Sweden's relations to the military alliance.

Russia’s 1991 failed coup d’etat

25 years after Russia's 1991 failed coup d'etat on August 18-21, 1991, this 1998 documentary reconstructs the events that brought about the collapse of the USSR and still shapes the political minds of Russia's leaders today.

EU invests €187 mln in first gas pipeline between Estonia and Finland

The EU's financial support to the Baltic connector comes from the Connecting Europe Facility program and corresponds to 75 percent of the needed funding.

EU Commission criticises Baltics for excessive requirements for refugees

Brussels says the three Baltic countries have neglected to relocate asylum-seekers without sufficient reason, as they have been unable to meet the Baltics' exorbitant conditions.