EU wants 2-state solution for Israel-Palestine conflict


The European Union has joined the outgoing US administration in defending the two-state solution as the best way to achieve lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

A spokeswoman for the 28-nation bloc reiterated the EU’s support for the two-state solution on Thursday, the day after US Secretary of State John Kerry tore into Israel for settlement-building.

EU spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic says Kerry’s remarks “all send one key message: The international community does not give up on peace in the Middle East.”

Kocijancic added: “The only way to end the conflict is through a two-state solution negotiated between the parties.”

In a farewell speech, Kerry defended President Barack Obama’s move last week to allow the UN Security Council to declare Israeli settlements illegal, a move that caused an extraordinary diplomatic spat.

A plan on how to unify the Gaza strip and the West Bank is not discussed yet.

Israeli ‘settlement’ policies have been aimed at a one state solution for peace by slowly colonizing historical land.