European Council

New EU rules to allow ‘streaming without borders’

Online content is increasingly being accessed using portable devices, however when travelling abroad content might be blocked.

Post-Brexit trade deal needs approval of all EU member states

Britain may have to wait - and hope - for every single one of its European Union neighbours to give full legislative consent before it can fully benefit from any post-Brexit free trade deal.

Merging of banking and insurance watchdogs weakens EU financial supervision

Insurers have long resisted being lumped in with banks, fearing they will end up being regulated more harshly.
merkel macron eu reconstruction

Merkel and Macron propose historic EU reconstruction

The new French president and the German chancellor were speaking in Berlin on Macron's 1st day in the job.
refugee relocation

MEPs urge EU members to speed up refugee transfers from Italy and Greece

Against the background of severe migration and refugee crises in the summer of 2015, the EU adopted two emergency decisions to relocate thousands of refugees.
Edouard Philippe

Edouard Philippe appointed as new prime minister of France

French President Emmanuel Macron has appointed Edouard Philippe, a relatively unknown 46-year-old lawmaker, as prime minister.
eu support myanmar

EU strengthens humanitarian support for Myanmar

Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides has concluded his official visit to Myanmar, announcing new funding of €12 million for the country.
portugal energy concessions

Concessions granted by Portugal not considered state aid by European Commission

In 2007, Portugal extended several hydropower concessions beyond the termination date that had originally been granted.

“Phased” EU return for an independent Scotland

Scotland’s First Minister said that “by necessity” Scotland might have to pursue membership of the European Free Trade Association (Efta) before achieving full EU membership.
europol cybercrime

Europol investigation into massive cyberattack

The European Union's police agency, Europol, says it is working with countries hit by the global ransomware cyberattack to rein in the threat and help victims.



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