Finland sticks to EU values, no repeal of same-sex marriage

Finnish lawmakers rejected a petition from more than 100,000 people demanding the repeal of a law allowing same-sex marriage that takes effect on March 1.

Major bribery scandal exposes top level Swedish corruption

Fredrik Lundberg, one of Sweden's most powerful tycoons, and former finance minister Anders Borg have been questioned by prosecutors as suspects in a bribery probe.

Islamophobic politician fined in Finland for Facebook post

A Finnish politician has been fined after making a comment on his Facebook page following the Nice terror attack that “all terrorists are Muslims”.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö: “Russia and US could sideline EU”

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö has cautioned "a weakened and fragmented" EU against being sidelined in global politics. During his annual New Year’s Day address, Niinistö raised concerns that Presidents Putin and Trump could begin discussing Europe without its input.

Basic income for unemployed citizens in Finland

Finland is to introduce a basic income for some citizens from next month, becoming the one of the first countries to adopt the policy.

No referendum on EU membership in Finland

The petition for holding a referendum on Finland’s membership of the EU did not collect enough signatures in order to be discussed in Parliament.

Gunman surrenders after killing politician, 2 reporters in Finland

A gunman killed a local town councilor and two journalists in an apparent random shooting in a nightlife district in a small town in southeastern Finland.

F-1 World Champion Nico Rosberg retires

Nico Rosberg has announced that he is to retire from Formula 1, just a few days after beating Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton to a maiden World Championship title at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Finland’s defense minister supports détente in the Baltic sea

Finland's defense minister said he doesn't see the recent deployment of Russian missiles in the Baltic Sea region as a direct threat, but warned Wednesday that a negative spiral of actions and counter- actions could cause "something to happen, even if only accidentally."

EU center to combat hybrid warfare in Finland

Finnish officials say the European Union is planning to set up a hybrid threat center in Finland to combat a growing number of cyberattacks and hybrid warfare, including disinformation and false news sent over social media sites.



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