Floods play havoc in Albania


Floods generated by torrential rainfalls hit Albania, especially the country’s northern regions, where several villages were inundated and hundreds of families were evacuated, local media reported Saturday.

Floods throughout the country have killed three people and destroyed many houses this week.

Rivers and streams have swelled, putting at risk not only the residents living nearby but also the country’s main hydro power plants in Fierza, Koman, Vau i Dejes, Ulza and Shkopet, according to civil emergencies authorities.

Albania’s ministry of agriculture said Saturday night that over 1,000 hectares of agricultural land have been flooded while the most hit areas are in Saranda, Dibra, Lezha and Shkodra. The ministry said the heavy rainfalls on Friday night and Saturday have made the situation even worse and the rivers are bursting their banks.

The Albanian Armed Forces and the civil emergencies staff are helping to repair river embankments throughout the country, the ministry of defense said.

Meanwhile, there is high presence of water in roads although the civil emergency staff intervened to clean the roads and normalize the situation.

Residents in the worst hit areas of Fushe-Kruja, Lezha, Tirana, Shijak and Shkodra, Mat and Dibra have lost clothes, food supplies and furniture and therefore the Albanian Red Cross is helping them, local media reported.

Meanwhile, Albanian Minister of Interior Sajmir Tahiri said a final calculation of damage from floods can’t be done yet, as the rainfalls are expected to continue.