Austerity-wracked Greece refuses more cuts as EU officials call for speedy deal

European Union officials urged Greece and its lenders to conclude a long-overdue bailout review quickly to safeguard economic recovery but Athens said it wouldn't ask "a euro more" from its austerity-wracked citizens.

Now is the time for peace in Cyprus

A United Nations envoy has urged the rival sides on the divided island of Cyprus to seize an opportunity for peace, warning it could be years before such a chance arose again.

‘Eurogroupie’ Dijsselbloem not haunted by guilt over Greek debt consequences

The size of Greece's primary budget surplus was the among topics of discussion at a meeting of key players in the country's bailout and reform program.

Greece and IMF are in disagreement on bailout measures

Greece needs to agree with the IMF and its European creditors on more reforms in order to keep tapping its bailout program.

Starving Greek women forced to trade sex for food

The Greek financial crisis has sent thousands of teenage girls to the streets, not to protest, but to earn a living; however, their hourly earnings are barely enough to buy them a cheese sandwich, according to researchers.

IMF participation in Greek bailout programme is “non-negotiable”

The IMF has not yet decided whether it would participate in the current 86-billion-euro financial aid programme for Greece, the third one since 2010.

Ombudsman demands a thorough assessment of EU-Turkey deal human rights impact

Under the Agreement, concluded in March 2016, asylum seekers and migrants crossing from Turkey to Greece whose applications are then declared inadmissible are to be returned to Turkey.

“Greek bailout to go ahead with or without IMF”

The eurozone will go ahead with its bailout programme for Greece with or without the involvement of the International Monetary Fund.

Greek prosecutor argues against extradition Turkish coup suspects

A prosecutor at Greece's Supreme Court has argued against extradition to Turkey another two of eight Turkish servicemen wanted in their country for alleged participation in last year's failed coup.

Russian consul found dead in Athens

An initial investigation has revealed no sign of foul play, but police were launching an official inquiry.



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