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Hungary demands Timmermans’ resignation after anti-semitism accusations

Frans Timmermans, implied that efforts by Hungary’s prime minister to shut down a university founded by George Soros are anti-Semitic.
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Hungary’s Orban agrees to comply with EU demands over academic freedom

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told concerned allies in the EU's powerful centre-right political group that he will quickly meet EU rights demands over a controversial education law.

Hungary completes second border fence

A second fence on the border with Serbia meant to stop any surge in the flow of migrants toward Western Europe has been completed, the Hungarian government said Friday.

EU sends “letter of formal notice” to Orban’s Hungary

Hungary's prime minister on Wednesday dismissed concerns about his country's new higher education law after the European Union launched legal action amid fears the...
refugees poland hungary

EU ultimatum for Poland and Hungary to accept refugees

Last June, the total number of refugees in the world reached 65 million.
soros ceu orban hungary

Hungarian PM threatens Soros’ Central European University

Hungary’s nationalist prime minister is intent on shutting down the country's Central European University.

Commissioner Avramopoulos urges Hungary to comply with EU asylum rules

Hungary's new legislation allowing for the detention of asylum-seekers in shipping containers at border camps is now official.

EU tells Balkans to quit ‘playing with fire’

The prospect of EU membership has for years been the main driver of reform in the Balkans after a decade of war and upheaval in the 1990s.

Hungary detains refugees in containers

Police will also be allowed to expel to the Serbian side of the border fence any migrants who cannot prove their legal right to be in Hungary.

Hungary plans to build backup fence to halt migrants

Nearly 400,000 illegal immigrants came to Hungary in 2015, mostly before the first fence was built on its southern border and border controls were tightened.



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