Gerard Kiely has been appointed as the new Head of the Commission Representation in...

The Representations are the Commission's eyes, ears and voice on the ground in all EU Member States.

Austria, France, Italy and Holland looking for a piece of €13B Apple pie

While Ireland may not want the €13B the EU says Apple owes in underpaid tax, it seems other European countries do. At least four countries have ‘expressed an interest’ in claiming their share at a summit of European finance ministers.

European Commission on fire, Volkswagen is terrified

There was a month-long probe into the German automaker to secure financial compensation for Europeans affected. The European Commission believes Volkswagen broke some 20 laws in EU countries by cheating emissions tests.

Ireland betrays EU by siding with US on Apple tax

Some Irish voters are astounded that the government might turn down a tax windfall equivalent to what it spent last year funding the struggling health service, and the left-wing Sinn Fein party has led attacks from the opposition over its EU betrayal.

Ireland’s top Olympic official arrested in ticket sale probe

In an interview with RTE last week, Mr Hickey denied any wrongdoing in relation to ticket sales.

Prominent loyalist leader shot dead in Belfast

The murder of John Borland, a feared one-time Ulster Defence Association leader, in north Belfast late on Sunday night cannot be justified, Sinn Féin’s...