Magnus Carlsen triumphs in World Chess Championships 2016


It could be considered the most lucrative checkmate of all time. But in a battle between some of the world’s most brilliant chess minds, only one man can walk away with the €1 million prize at stake.

In a tense World Chess Championship final in New York between world number one Magnus Carlsen from Norway and Russian Sergey Karjakin, it was Carlsen who triumphed.

The players squared off for a penalty-style face-off on Wednesday (30 November) after the score was locked 5½ – 5½ after 11 games.

Carlsen, who turned 26 on the day of the decided game, won two of the five rounds, securing himself the title, after the first two games were drawn.

After he won the championship, the Norwegian media serenaded Carlsen with Happy Birthday.