Simmering tensions between Turkey and the Netherlands

Turkey is a month away from holding a referendum on whether to change the country's constitution.

Dutch Greens leader Jesse Klaver appeals for change

Klaver, rejects the anti-Islam, anti-immigrant policies of right-wing populist Geert Wilders.

Dutch granny, 99, arrested and jailed

Even at 99 years of age, there are still some things Annie never experienced.

Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders cancels all public appearances after security leak

A Dutch secret service agent who was part of the team responsible for protecting Wilders was suspended this week on suspicion of leaking details to a criminal organization.

Unilever rejects €143 billion Kraft Heinz bid

US food company Kraft Heinz Co made a surprise €135 billion offer for Unilever in a bid to build a global consumer goods giant, although it was flatly rejected the same day by the maker of Lipton tea and Dove soap.

‘Spiritual father’ of rabbit Miffy, Dick Bruna, dies at 89

Decades before Instagram made square images immensely popular, illustrator and artist Bruna understood their power.

Dutch parliament will not approve Ukraine treaty until after elections

The landmark cooperation agreement between the European Union and Ukraine will delayed and might even be voided as the Netherlands puts off approving the treaty.

Fear over EU election upheaval makes investors nervous

Political uncertainty ahead of European elections prompted investors to sell the euro.

Shell begins consultations to decommission North Sea oil assets

Royal Dutch Shell has submitted a plan to the British government for the decommissioning of parts of its production infrastructure in the Brent Oilfield in the North Sea now that the oil reserves have been depleted in the field.

Geert Wilders warns for revolt if he is frozen out after Dutch elections

Dutch populist Geert Wilders says mainstream politicians in the Netherlands will have to work with his Party for Freedom if voters strongly back his anti-immigration, anti-European Union platform in the country's upcoming election, or face a peaceful backlash.