Nobel prize winner Obama won’t keep his Guantanamo Bay promise


Legal action charity Reprieve urged outgoing President Barack Obama yesterday to make good on his 2008 promise to close the Guantanamo Bay prison before he leaves office.

Reprieve pointed out that tomorrow will mark the 15th anniversary of opening of the extralegal detention centre on occupied Cuban soil by then president George W Bush.

President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to keep the concentration camp open and not release any of the 55 remaining inmates.

Among them are Haroon Gul, an Afghan refugee who was imprisoned in 2002 after US forces mistakenly identified him as a different man, and Khaled Qassim, a Yemeni who was caught up in a sweep of arrests in Afghanistan in 2001.

Reprieve lawyer Shelby Sullivan-Bennis, who represents several Guantanamo prisoners, said: “It should disgust every American — Donald Trump included — that for 15 years and counting, the US has held scores of prisoners without charge or trial.”

Unless Nobel prize winner Barack Obama has one final surprize for the world in store Guantanamo Bay will remain a problem for the United States to claim the moral high ground on human rights issues across the globe.