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EU backs 'science diplomacy' in the Middle East

EU backs ‘science diplomacy’ in the Middle East

The European Commission sees synchrotron support for investment in science as contribution to peace and stability.

Major arms deal between Saudi-Arabia and America

US President Donald Trump is currently in the Kingdom to seal deal.

EU fines Facebook over WhatsApp acquisition

Facebook also claims that the legal challenge against user data transfers from the EU to US was “deeply flawed”, and that sufficient privacy protections are already in place.
chelsea manning

Chelsea Manning released from prison

On the day of her expected release from a maximum-security military prison, director Tim Travers Hawkins announced production on Pulse Films’ feature documentary “XY Chelsea” with exclusive rights to Manning’s story.

US President Donald Trump ‘obstructs justice’, a possible impeachable offense

President Donald Trump asked then-FBI Director James Comey to shut down an investigation into ties between Michael Flynn and Russia.
right to be forgotten

EU court to tackle ‘right to be forgotten’

The "right to be forgotten" - or stopping certain web search results from appearing under searches for people's names - will be debated at the European Union's top court after Alphabet Inc's Google refused requests from four individuals.

German lawmakers not allowed to visit soldiers at Incirlik air base

Germany has about 270 troops at the base. The refusal was communicated to Germany’s ambassador over the weekend.

Anonymous warns for global war

Anonymous has warned that people should start preparing for a third World War as heightened tensions between the US and North Korea threaten to hit boiling point.

‘Leaked’ NSA hacking tool used in large scale international ransomware attack

Cyber attacks that hit 12 countries across Europe and Asia Friday, impacting the public health system in Britain, apparently involved a leaked hacking tool from the National Security Agency.
eu us laptop ban

European governments alarmed over US laptop ban

European governments alarmed at a proposed expansion of the ban on in-flight laptops and tablets to planes from the EU are holding urgent talks Friday with the US Department of Homeland Security.



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