North America

turkey nato crisis

NATO crisis: Turkey angered about US weaponization of Kurds

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said that everything that happens in Syria and Iraq is "a matter of national security for Turkey".
trump climate deal

Donald Trump urged to honor global climate agreement

Many nations urged US President Donald Trump to remain in the global agreement to combat climate change, even if he reduces the ambition of US pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
mogherini florence

Mogherini calls US foreign policy “unpredictable”

Mogherini said that Europe could “occupy the space” that is being vacated by Washington.
Assassination attempt Kim Jong-un

Assassination attempt on North-Korean leader Kim Jong-un

North Korea on Friday accused the CIA and South Korea's intelligence service of a failed plot to assassinate its leader Kim Jong-un.
trump eu meeting

EU heads welcome Donald Trump in Brussels

Trump will meet European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker and EU Council President Donald Tusk in Brussels on the same day he attends a NATO summit, also in the Belgian capital.

Emmanuel Macron gets Barack Obama’s ‘endorsement’

Former US President Barack Obama endorsed centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron for France's presidential election on Sunday in a video message.
facebook violence

Facebook is hiring 3000 people to fix violence problem

Facebookwill hire 3,000 more people over the next year to speed up the removal of videos showing murder, suicide and other violent acts, in its most dramatic move yet to combat the biggest threat to its valuable public image.
obama wall street money

Wall Street shows Barack Obama the money

While he continues to be popular with liberals, Obama has come under fire from Senators for accepting the speaking fee for a conference on healthcare in September.

United Airlines settles with Dr. Dao

United Airlines and the passenger who was dragged from a Chicago flight earlier this month have reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum, they...
ivanka merkel lagarde maxima

Ivanka Trump discusses women’s rights with Europe’s most powerful women

Scattered groans and hisses were heard as the 'First Daughter' described her father as "a tremendous champion of supporting families."



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