tusk investigation poland

Donald Tusk questioned in Polish investigation

Military prosecutors are investigating allegations of secret illegal contacts between Polish and Russian intelligence officials during the period when Tusk was Poland's prime minister.
smolensk plane crash poland russia

Poland remembers 7th anniversary of Russian ‘plane crash’

According to official investigations, the plane crashed after one wing broke when it clipped a tree while trying to land in poor visibility.
refugees poland hungary

EU ultimatum for Poland and Hungary to accept refugees

Last June, the total number of refugees in the world reached 65 million.

Le Pen calls for an end to EU sanctions on Russia

The sanctions, including travel bans and asset freezes, against Moscow were originally introduced in March 2014.

Fierce opposition against a multi-speed Europe

Some eurozone leaders back the idea of letting some member states push ahead with further integration without the whole bloc following suit.

Second term Donald Tusk as European Council President

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said it was unheard of to confirm a president without the consent of his home nation.

Poland is done with European Council President Tusk

Tusk, a former PO leader, has wide backing among EU leaders for a second term, even though he faces strong opposition in Poland.

Visegrad countries make a fist against EU ‘double standards’

Leaders of four central European countries will meet next week to urge the EU to act against food companies which put inferior ingredients in branded products destined for sale in poorer member states.

Polish government undermines rule of law

One year ago, under its EU Rule of Law Framework, the European Commission began a dialogue with the Polish government designed to determine whether there was a systemic threat to the rule of law in Poland and prevent its escalation.

EU “not ready” for influx of smart buildings

The majority of countries within the European Union are not ready to take advantage of the benefits of smart building technology, according to a recent study by the think thank Buildings Performance Institute Europe.



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