Poland is done with European Council President Tusk

Tusk, a former PO leader, has wide backing among EU leaders for a second term, even though he faces strong opposition in Poland.

Visegrad countries make a fist against EU ‘double standards’

Leaders of four central European countries will meet next week to urge the EU to act against food companies which put inferior ingredients in branded products destined for sale in poorer member states.

Polish government undermines rule of law

One year ago, under its EU Rule of Law Framework, the European Commission began a dialogue with the Polish government designed to determine whether there was a systemic threat to the rule of law in Poland and prevent its escalation.

EU “not ready” for influx of smart buildings

The majority of countries within the European Union are not ready to take advantage of the benefits of smart building technology, according to a recent study by the think thank Buildings Performance Institute Europe.

Denmark joins the race to host EU drug agency after Brexit

The Danish government teamed up with the former head of drug company Novo Nordisk in its campaign to become the new host of the London-based European Medicines Agency after Britain's vote to leave the European Union.

Donald Tusk seeks second term as European Council president

Tusk said “many leaders” had offered their support for him, adding that he was ready to continue in his post, although that would depend on the decision “of all the prime ministers and presidents.”

Poland is taking matters into it’s own hands from now on

Poland is trying to improve relations with its eastern neighbour Belarus in the hope of also reviving the European Union's dormant Eastern Partnership initiative that targets six former Soviet republics.

Lech Walesa: A traitor or a hero?

A Polish state historical institute presented new evidence Tuesday that Lech Walesa, the leader of a peaceful pro-democracy struggle that challenged the communist regime in the 1980s, acted as a paid informant to the communist secret police in the 1970s.

Security key for Poland and Latvia

During talks in Warsaw, the two leaders of the countries discussed security issues and the situation in the European Union after Brexit.

Poland welcomes US troops as NATO continues to mobilize

Polish leaders welcomed US troops to their country Saturday, with the defense minister expressing gratitude for their arrival and calling it the fulfillment of...



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