Sevil Shhaideh set to become the first female and muslim PM of Romania

Little-known former regional development minister Sevil Shhaideh has been proposed as Romania's first woman prime minister, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) says.

Social Democrats easily win Romania parliamentary elections

Romania's left-leaning Social Democrats have easily won parliamentary elections a year after a major anti-corruption drive forced the last Socialist prime minister from power, near-final results released Monday showed.

Former Romanian president Basescu is now a Moldovan citizen

Basescu and his wife Maria swore an oath at the Moldovan embassy in Bucharest Thursday where they were given citizenship of Moldova, formerly part of Romania.

Romania and Morocco have largest expat prison populations in EU jails

The largest foreign prison populations in the European Union are Moroccan and Romanian.

Grieving Romanians march for justice in Bucharest

Thousands of Romanians marched in silence through the capital Bucharest on Sunday to mark one year since a nightclub fire killed 64 people, a tragedy that led to mass protests at a culture of official graft and eventually brought down the government.

Britons the chubbiest people in Europe, Romanians the skinniest

Among the EU member states, the lowest shares of obesity among the population aged 18 or over were recorded in Romania (9.4 percent), followed by Italy (10.7 percent) and the Netherlands (13.3 percent), Belgium and Sweden (both 14.0 percent), according to Eurostat.

British Union sets up network to support EU members

UNISON will be producing information for members from the EU and their families to reassure them of their rights.

Romania denies US is moving nuclear weapons from Incirlik to its soil

According to a recent report by the Simson Center, since the Cold War, some 50 US tactical nuclear weapons have been stationed at Turkey’s Incirlik air base, approximately 100 kilometres from the Syrian border.