Shot fired in front of Dutch parliament in The Hague


Dutch police fired a warning shot at  a “confused” man who behaved aggressively on a square near the parliament in The Hague.

The parliament building was cleared and locked afterwards so nobody could go in or out.

The man was arrested at the main entrance of the parliament building in The Hague. He was shouting at military police who drew their guns on him. “Bring it on!”, he yelled, as he was summoned to undress.

The man seemed to cooperate, but when he began to dress himself again, he became aggressive. He was held at gunpoint for about ten minutes by the gendarmerie before the police arrived. An agent fired a warning shot, with what seems to be a real bullet.

The stuff that the men with him is to be examined by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit. No explosives or weapons were found.

Why the man’s behaviour was deemed suspicious remains unclear. There are no indications to suspect a terror attack.

It seems the man was upset about his benefits not being paid. Earlier in the day he tried to complain at a police station in The Hague.