europol cybercrime

Europol investigation into massive cyberattack

The European Union's police agency, Europol, says it is working with countries hit by the global ransomware cyberattack to rein in the threat and help victims.

‘Leaked’ NSA hacking tool used in large scale international ransomware attack

Cyber attacks that hit 12 countries across Europe and Asia Friday, impacting the public health system in Britain, apparently involved a leaked hacking tool from the National Security Agency.
tech giants

EU to tackle unfair trading practices by tech giants

The European Union executive is planning a law to deal with complaints about unfair practices by leading online players such as Apple and Google.
facebook violence

Facebook is hiring 3000 people to fix violence problem

Facebookwill hire 3,000 more people over the next year to speed up the removal of videos showing murder, suicide and other violent acts, in its most dramatic move yet to combat the biggest threat to its valuable public image.
europol propaganda unit

Europol targets extremist propaganda

The European Union's law enforcement agency says it has coordinated a two-day meeting that identified more than 2,000 examples of online propaganda for extremist groups including a network apparently set up by extremists to spread their message and raise funds.
sweden facebook rape

Jail sentences for Swedish Facebook rapers

A Swedish court sentenced three young men to prison for gang raping a woman and livestreaming the attack on Facebook this week.

Pope Francis holds first-ever papal TED talk

Pope Francis is warning the powerful to act humbly or risk ruin, using the first-ever papal TED talk to urge the world to show...
5G wireless eu

EU member states push back against wireless spectrum licences

The EU has made a priority of fostering the early development of 5G mobile technology in Europe.

North-Korea postpones nuclear tests, international tensions remain

North Korea paraded its intercontinental ballistic missiles in a massive military display in central Pyongyang.
Bitcoin bolivar venezuela

Bitcoin helps Venezuelans to buy necessities

Some believe that the crypto-currency will become more popular in Venezuela as economic uncertainty escalates



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