“Turkey has no European values”


Austrian foreign minister Sebastian Kurz has slammed Ankara, saying he does not want to lean on the EU-Turkey refugee deal, but that it is necessary to improve the security at the Union borders.

In an interview with the Viennese newspaper Ostereich, he stated that the purgatory measures, after the coup attempt in Turkey are continuing, as well as the intimidation of the opposition, adding that it is completely opposite to the European values and that it cannot be accepted.

He added that new chapters cannot be open in the pre-accession negotiations with Turkey.

“In my opinion, Turkey has no place in the EU,” Kurz said.

He explained that the country presidents and the prime ministers have an obligation to seize the negotiations, and the foreign ministers need to open new chapters.

Kurz underlined that he has always warned that EU must never come to a situation to depend on Turkey.

“EU must not be exposed to blackmail. I have always looked at the deal with Turkey as a Plan B, and the Plan A must be an efficient protection of the external borders,” he added.